Rev. Raymond Carignan

Vocational Life


Rev. Raymond Carignan was born in Ponteix Saskatchewan.   He attended the seminary in St. Boniface, Manitoba. He was ordained at Notre Dame D’Auvergne, Ponteix in 1969 by Bishop Aime Decosse.

He served in Gravelbourg, Ste Radegonde, Lafleche, Ferland, Mankota, Glentworth, Wood Mountain, Tompkins, Gull Lake, Cabri, Willow Bunch, Coronach, Meyronne, and is currently Pastor of Ponteix, Cadillac, Lac Pelletier, and Vanguard.  Fr. Carigan died in a tragic car accident on December 26, 2011 enroute to celebrate Christmas Day Mass at one of his parish missions.  His funeral mass was celebrated on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. at Notre Dame d’Auvergne Paroisse, Ponteix, Saskatchewan with Archbishop Daniel J. Bohan presiding.